Support Your Dog’s Microbiota - the Unsung Hero of Your Dog’s Well-being and Health

The key to short and long-term health in dogs and humans alike is our microbiota - the collection of tiny organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more), that live in your dog's gut.

When your dog has a varied and balanced microbiota, this enables them to thrive with increased energy, enhanced immunity, reduced digestive issues, and a heightened sense of well-being.

Unfortunately, this important but delicate system is constantly under attack.

It can be thrown out of balance by the use of antibiotics, a poor diet, excessive stress, environmental toxins, sudden dietary changes, infections, certain medications, limited exposure to natural outdoor environments, excessive cleanliness and more.

The solution? A special tag team of postbiotics, the beneficial substances produced by these good bacteria when they break down food, balancing the whole system to perfection.

Prebiotics, Probiotics, Postbiotics - What’s the Difference?

Prebiotics are a group of nutrients that are degraded by gut microbiota through a fermentation process and help promote the growth of good bacteria. Imagine them as the fuel.

Probiotics, which are live bacteria, on the other hand work to produce beneficial metabolites which are called postbiotics.

Postbiotics are the non-living organisms created by the fermentation process and can contain nutrients like vitamins B and K, as well as substances that slow down the growth of bad bacteria. These are the “goods” we need to maintain a healthy gut microbiota.

That is why postbiotics are the star active ingredient in Belly Champ.

  • Getting postbiotics in to your dog’s gut is the ultimate goal when eating or supplementing with probiotics anyway.
  • This way we can deliver all the advantages of probiotics, minus the challenges of keeping live organisms alive through the production process and your pet’s digestion.
  • Our postbiotics are clinically proven to improve immunity and mobility, making them the perfect supporters for your furry friend’s wellbeing and longevity.